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Lava Pants are designed primarily for training in the pool and open water.  Made from 5 mm material on the front and back, giving you the lift you need to be high in the water.  The front top of the pants are cut low for comfort and easier flip turns.  Alternative to a pull buoy, which can slip out of place during flip turns and long sets.
Designed to be put on either in the water or out of the water.  In other words, you can do a warm-up without the pants, then put on quickly in the water while you are wet (obviously).  The legs are cut at the calf, like capris, because this gives you the right enough lift to mimic a proper body position.

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10 miles open water swims where flexibility in arms and shoulders is needed.
bouyancy X-MAX Seam Seal technology
flexibility ¾-length pants
Trim-able up to 6 cm for ideal fit.

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