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    Rated the #1 swim training tool by many, LAVA PANTS are the secret weapon to making you train smarter and swim faster.  Retire your pull buoy and focus more power on your swim stroke and proper body position.
    TAKE THE 30-DAY CHALLENGE - purchase a pair of Lava Pants.  Try them out for 30 days.  If you are not completely satisfied that they will help you swim faster and train smarter then return them for a refund.

    This "training wetsuit" offers race-level buoyancy and a natural range of motion at every training session, which over time improves technique and pacing while building muscle memory.  Proper body position increases stroke efficiency and adjusts for the proper catch phase for racing.  Dynamic design makes LAVA Pants comfortable to train in and easy to change into and out of.

    The waistband is low-cut in the front and rides higher in the back, allowing for natural breathing and comfortable flip turns without concern of losing your suit.  As a 3/4-length pant, LAVA Pants are easy to put on in or out of the water, for a quick transition from warm up to workout to cool down. Made for the pool but warm enough for some open water swims, heavy-duty construction ensures that LAVA Pants are a durable training tool for most water conditions.

    LAVA PANTS are completely legal under the new rules set by USAT and WTC when wetsuits are legal. LAVA PANTS are a wetsuit and can only be worn in races that permit wetsuits.  Always check with the race director prior to using the LAVA PANTS in competition.  They are primarily intended for training, but are quickly showing up on the starting line of many triathlon swims.

    Some side notes are: (1) it is addictive to swim in these pants; and (2) the pants are intended to ride low on the hips. 

    Please allow up to 5 business days for all orders to be processed. 


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