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Vendetta Fullsuit Wetsuit

Vendetta Fullsuit Wetsuit

XTERRA’s most technologically advanced wetsuit. The product of years of research and design, the Vendetta is the most flexible and buoyant wetsuit ever made.

Available to ship within 48 hours:

Women’s: Small, Small-Long, Medium-Long, Large, Extra-Large


All orders in the following sizes will ship by:

July 7, 2014

Men’s: Small, Medium, Medium-Long, Medium-Large, Large, Extra-Extra Large

Women's: Medium-Small, Medium, Medium-Large

August 16, 2014

Men's: Extra-Large


October 15, 2014

Women's: Extra-Small


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  • When will my rental wetsuit ship?
    • Your rental wetsuit will ship to you two Wednesdays before your race weekend. If it is the Friday a week before your event weekend, you must choose FedEx 2-Day as a shipping option.

  • When is my rental wetsuit order deadline?
    • The last day you can place an order for a rental wetsuit is the Friday a week before your race weekend. You MUST upgrade to 2-Day or Overnight shipping. We cannot guarantee availability if you order at this late date. We will contact you immediately if we do not have your suit.

  • What are my shipping options?
    • FedEx ground shipping is included in your $49 rental fee. You may also select 2nd Day and Overnight. There will be additional charges if expedited shipping is chosen.

  • What wetsuit model will I receive?
    • Our 2011 rental fleet consists of Vortex 3 full suits and Volt / Vortex 3 sleeveless suits. These suits are primarily 2010 models. Occasionally, due to inventory flow and large rental volume, we will need to make substitutions, but we will always provide you with the best possible suit we have at hand. A certain wetsuit model cannot be guaranteed, nor can we honor requests for specific models.

  • How do I know what size to choose?
    • Please refer to our interactive sizing slider or sizing chart. A great deal of research has gone into our sizing chart and it is 99% accurate, however we cannot guarantee any fits. Still have questions? Call XTERRA WETSUITS customer service at 858.565.9500.

  • What if my rental wetsuit doesn't fit?
    • Ultimately, you are responsible for the size that you choose. We cannot make any size exchanges on rentals. The size you have been shipped will be the final size. If you are unsure about the fit after receiving the wetsuit, please read our fit guide.

  • What if I damage the rental wetsuit?
    • Minor damage and wear and tear on a rental wetsuit is normal and expected. You will not be assessed any damage fees unless there is serious and/or intentional damage to the wetsuit.

  • How do I return my rental wetsuit?
    • Your rental wetsuit must be postmarked within three days of your race. You may return it using any method/carrier you choose and you are responsible for paying return shipping. If we have not received your wetsuit rental within ten days of your race date, we will assume you want to keep your rental suit and your security deposit will cover the additional cost of keeping the rental suit.

  • Do you ship rentals internationally?
    • Unfortunately, we can only ship rentals to addresses within the United States.


The Vendetta Fullsuit is the product of industry-leading speed and flexibility research, featuring XTERRA’s most technologically advanced design and components. Two thin layers of neoprene sandwich pockets of air to keep your body high in the water, reducing drag and increasing speed.


●       6 anatomically-correct arm/shoulder panels allow for a natural range of motion in the swim stroke, for faster, smoother swimming with less effort

●       With a design based on our Vector Pro wetsuit, Vendetta reduces shoulder fatigue through unparalleled freedom of motion

●       Lower-profile collar adds comfort and increased durability, ensuring that the suit stays intact and in place

●       X-MAX Seam Seal technology uses a triple layer of glue and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams



●       FRONT: 5.0 mm-thick X-AIR neoprene from neck to ankles creates "dimple-effect” of captured air for maximum buoyancy

●       BACK: 3 mm neoprene

●       ARMS/SHOULDERS: 1.5 - 3mm of YAMAMOTO #39 & 40 neoprene



●       Fully coated with Nano-Super Composite Skin, maintaining an industry-leading 0.02 drag coefficient

●       High-quality X-FLEX liner lines the entire interior of the suit, allowing the wetsuit to stretch in all directions and return to its original shape



●       Silver X logo on chest, left arm and below the Velcro

●       White X logo on inside torso lining

●       Forearm catch panels for effective “catch-pull” stroke

●       Fully adjustable Velcro neck closure

●       2” zipper protector flap inside the suit

●       Sturdy zipper + 30” lanyard with 1” Velcro patch for versatile fastening


*Vendetta Wetsuits are entirely legal under the new USAT rules and are WTC legal (depending on water temperatures).   


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    Now to the Vendetta, it is their top price wetsuit for a reason. It is more flexibility in the arms, and stretches onto the body perfectly. It is fast and for me helped me get the job done during my ironman swim. Each wetsuit is more comfortable as you climb up from the bottom, if you can afford it I suggest you start at the top! (Posted on 9/27/13)

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