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    CYBER MONDAY & The Days After (while supplies last).

    Use the code MONDAY during checkout for these deals:

    1. Vortex Sleeveless
    2. Lava Shorts
    3. Valor Speedsuit
    4. X-Vest

    Vortex Sleeveless - this is the #1 best selling sleeveless wetsuit in the USA (and Canada) for the past five years.  With the maximum legal buoyancy of 5mm, even the heaviest leg draggers will ride high in the water.  Comfort and Speed.

    • Regularly $200
    • Now = $120 (use code MONDAY during checkout)

    Lava Shorts - truly the best swim training tool you will own.  Join the thousands of athletes that have improved their swimming with our neoprene Lava Shorts and Pants.

    • Regularly $220
    • Monday = $88 (use code MONDAY during checkout)

    Valor Speedsuit - when a wetsuit isn't legal, this is going to you make you faster and swim more comfortably no matter the distance.  Designed to be worn over your race kit, our Valor Speedsuit is hydrophobic, made from the best Italian swim material money can buy.

    • Regularly $300
    • Monday = $105 (use code MONDAY during checkout)

    X-Vest - be seen when running, walking or biking at night.