We are excited to offer you our Sponsored Clubs, Teams and Coaches Points Program again in 2018. As in the past, we encourage you to continue to share your unique discount code with your athletes and remind them to use this code whenever they purchase from XTERRA WETSUITS. This will earn you 10% of the sales subtotal, before shipping and tax, in points available for your use on XTERRA WETSUITS items. In addition, your athletes can use your code for 55% off select XTERRA BOARDS items. If you are a BOARDS AFFILIATE, you will also earn cash commission on BOARD sales made thru your affiliate link. BOARDS items are not part of the Points Rewards program, and points are not earned on or available for use on Boards items. We encourage you to remind your crew to always use your code and affiliate link, or contact us if they are having any trouble doing so. As a Sponsored group, you always have access directly to us, and we will always give your athletes the best care and assistance.

When you’d like to know the balance of your points, simply shoot us an email and we will let you know your balance quickly and easily. We are working on an automated system, but until then, we will be sending you the balance directly via email when you inquire. 

To cash in your points for wetsuits and accessories, just let us know what you’d like to order, and we will make a discount code for you to use in your online shopping cart, making that item free to you. Points are valued at a 1:1 ratio on the MSRP prices found on our website, www.xterrawetsuits.com for all items except wetsuits. To purchase a wetsuit or speedsuit with your points, take 50% off the MSPR, and that is the total points needed. For example, the Vortex fullsuit which retails for $400 would cost you 200 points (plus shipping.)

As long as you are actively sponsored by XTERRA WETSUITS, we will honor your points for up to 3 years of the date earned, and keep hooking you up with the best triathlon and swimming wetsuits and gear to ensure you find your faster with every swim. Active sponsorship is defined by having at least 1 code use in the past year, and outward support of XTERRA WETSUITS in applicable locations. 

All the Best,


*points are not earned on or eligible for any XTERRA BOARDS or XTERRA SURF purchases

*if code is leaked, points are invalid and a new code will be made for you

*points cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash, or gifted

*XTERRA WETSUITS reserves the right to revoke points at anytime