Limited Edition Kona LAVA Shorts

We've made these shorts simple, functional and fantastic.  Our Limited Edition Kona LAVA SHORTS are a must for swimmers and triathletes of all levels. LAVA Shorts lift your hips to simulate the same body position of a wetsuit. LAVA Shorts create proper technique and allow you to focus on speed.

5mm front and back.  Drawstring waist.

BEGINNERS - Consider our LAVA PANTS (below the knee) which will provide more buoyancy in your lower body.  If you insist on these shorts, you'll love them and they will make swimming more enjoyable.

INTERMEDIATE - KONA LAVA SHORTS are designed for shorter speed and technique sets as well as cool-down.  The shorts are above the knee thereby allowing for natural flip turns.  For long swim sets, or for recovery swims, consider the LAVA PANTS which provide additional buoyancy. 

ADVANCED - Kona LAVA SHORTS can be used for both speed and recovery swims. For speed sets, Kona LAVA Shorts will allow you to train at faster interval paces. For recovery sets, you will be able to focus on correct swimming form without exerting too much energy.

This training wetsuit offers race-level buoyancy and a natural range of motion at every training session, which over time improves technique and pacing while building muscle memory. Dynamic design makes Kona LAVA Shorts comfortable to train in, do flip-turns, and easy to change into and out of. The waistband is low-cut in the front and rides higher in the back, allowing for natural breathing and comfortable flip turns without concern of losing your suit. Kona LAVA Shorts are easy to put on in or out of the water, for a quick transition from warm up to workout to cool down. Made for the pool but warm enough for some open water swims, heavy-duty construction ensures that Kona LAVA Shorts are a durable training tool for most water conditions.

Kona LAVA SHORTS are completely legal under the new rules set by USAT and WTC when wetsuits are legal. Kona LAVA SHORTS are a wetsuit and can only be worn in races that permit wetsuits. Always check with the race director prior to using the LAVA SHORTS in competition.

WARNING - 1) these are addictive; 2) rinse well because chlorine will decrease their life; 3) don't let them dry in the heat and inside out; 4) because of the nature of the material, being folded, and being used you will experience wrinkles on your lava shorts (wrinkling is normal).

30-DAY TRIAL PERIOD - your 30-day trial period begins when you receive your lava shorts.  Kona Lava Shorts may only be exchanged for a different size.  You'll need to pay for the return shipping, but we will ship a new pair back to you.

WARRANTY - These Limited Edition Kona Lava Shorts only come with a six-month warranty.  Since chlorine in a pool is corrosive by nature, the chlorine will weaken the inner liner and stitching of these shorts.  Rinse them well with fresh, non-chlorinated water to extend their life.

FREE SHIPPING - Free shipping is only being offered to the 48 contiguous US states and only if this is the only product in your shopping cart.

ARTWORK - the artwork on your lava shorts may change slightly as they are being produced.  We will update the final artwork on our website on or about September 1st.  If you want to cancel you may do so.