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Men's Vortex Sleeveless Google Special


The all-new Vortex Sleeveless redefines XTERRA's most popular sleeveless wetsuit.  This is the #1 best selling sleeveless wetsuit in North America.  It is great for training and racing.

Optimally designed for increased flexibility and buoyancy, the Vortex Sleeveless is ideal for athletes who want an all-around wetsuit in the water. The sleeveless design provides natural range of motion while racing and training, providing athletes the best output per stroke.

From the chest to the ankles, the entire front of this wetsuit is 5 mm, which is the maximum legal thickness for USAT (USA Triathlon) and WTC (Ironman).  The back ranges from 2 mm to 3 mm for excellent flexibility and mobility.

We have all read the triathlon magazine or banner ad for some "revolutionary" swim gadget that will make you swim faster and change your triathlon life.  But when the actual wetsuit arrives, it turns out to be a disappointment - you are not magically faster. 
Good advertising, fancy sponsored athletes, and great marketing can't paint over a bad experience.  This is why we sell the Vortex Sleeveless wetsuit. When you are looking for a sleeveless wetsuit - unrestricted arm movement - simple is better.
Your Vortex has three simple components - inner liner, core neoprene, and coating.
  • Liner - rather than mixing and matching, or using inferior (cheaper) liner, we just use the best liner; it stretches all ways and holds very little water
  • Neoprene - our limestone-based neoprene is 5 mm on the front to get you high in the water, and 3 mm on the back for flexible body movement. 
  • Coating - we use the same slick coating on a high-end wetsuit.  Of course, it costs a bit more, but what's the point of slowing you down to save a few dollars after all that training you've done?


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XTERRA WETSUITS is the number one best-selling triathlon wetsuit company in North America, trusted by more triathletes than any other brand.
We want to make sure you have the right fit and model. Even take it for a swim. You have 30-days from the ship date for returns.

Made from limestone-based neoprene, thereby making our wetsuits 95% water impermeable (compared with 70% for petroleum-based) and more environmentally friendly.

Our wetsuits are warranted against manufacturing and material defects for one year from the date of purchase.

Headquarters are located where the sport of triathlon began. Privately owned by two locally based triathletes. Making high-performance wetsuits since 2001.