Valor Speedsuit (TriFuel)


- Men - Please add 5 pounds to your weight to determine your size.  Remember, the speedsuit should be VERY tight, will take 5 minutes to put on, and you will need the assistance of someone else to put it on.
- Women - If you plan to wear a triathlon outfit underneath the valor speedsuit, select 2 sizes up from your recommended wetsuit size.

  • Where Speed Meets Excellence

    Our 2018 Valor Speedsuit is made from the World's fastest materials: premium Italian stretch-woven textile, hydrophobic Teflon coating (repels water & reduces drag), bonded seam panels, and an auto-locking YKK zipper.

    Designed for age-groupers and professionals alike. This speedsuit will take your racing to the next level. The Valor offers free speed on race day, and is designed to be worn over your triathlon kit to reduce drag (which means swimming faster).

  •  Speedsuits are intended to be super-tight.  Take at least 5 minutes to put it on.  The tightness will help you maintain your form in the water, keeping yourself going straight.

  • Our Speedsuit is designed to be worn over your race kit.  This reduces the drag caused by the wrinkles or pockets in your suit, allowing the water to flow along your chest, torso and back.

  • Finally, the hydrophobic coating from the Italian fabric reduces the friction of the water.

    Please allow up to 3 business days for all orders to be processed.

    1. Core Stabilization improves body position in the water
    2. Low-profile bonded seams for optimal support - per WTC and USAT rules, this speedsuit is not made from neoprene


    1. Dry Speed Coating repels water and keeps suit dry and compressive.

    More information on our technology can be found here.


    1. 20-day money back guarantee on your speedsuits. Please try it on before race-day.
    2. 3-month warranty on our speed suits.  Take care of your speedsuit.