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  • The #1 Best-Selling Wetsuit

    Ideal for athletes who want an all-around wetsuit to use while training and racing, the new Vortex Fullsuit continues to offer the perfect combination of performance, flexibility and durability. The interior is lined with X-FLEX LINER 2.0, for smoother transitions, and its upgraded neoprene provides greater overall flexibility and buoyancy.

    The Vortex Fullsuit is the #1 best selling triathlon fullsuit for the past five years. When you are looking for a fullsuit wetsuit - unrestricted arm movement - simple is better, with features that make sense. Ideal for 10 miles open water swims where flexibility in arms and shoulders is needed.

    UPC: 616913000000


    1. Front: 5.0mm thick neoprene from neck to ankles
    2. Back: 3mm thick neoprene
    3. Arms / Shoulders: 1.5mm GKA neoprene


    1. Anatomically-Correct Arms/Shoulder Panels:
      Allows for a natural range of motion in the swim stroke for faster, smoother swimming with less effort
    2. Low-Profile Collar:
      Adds comfort and increased durability, ensuring that the suit stays intact and in place.
    3. X-MAX Seam-Seal Technology:
      Uses a triple layer of glue and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams.

    More information on our technology can be found here.

    1. More information on shipping, returns, and warranties can be found here.

    Market Leader

    30-Day Return Policy


    1-Year Warranty

    Based in San Diego, California

    XTERRA WETSUITS is the number one best-selling triathlon wetsuit company in North America, trusted by more triathletes than any other brand.
    We want to make sure you have the right fit and model. Even take it for a swim. You have 30-days from the ship date for returns.

    Made from limestone-based neoprene, thereby making our wetsuits 95% water impermeable (compared with 70% for petroleum-based) and more environmentally friendly.

    Our wetsuits are warranted against manufacturing and material defects for one year from the date of purchase.

    Headquarters are located where the sport of triathlon began. Privately owned by two locally based triathletes. Making high-performance wetsuits since 2001.



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      Awesome suit

      So comfortable. Was on the kuff of either being a large or extra large and glad I went with xl based on there add 10lbs can't wait to actually use it

      Martin P.


      Bought a Vortex on the website. I'm 6 foot tall 160 pounds and order the medium long as the Xterra sizing chart suggest. The fit seems great. Shipping experience with fedex towards Canada was outstanding. Will post my experience of the suit compare to my old Aquasphere after a swim in the pool. Thanks for the excellent online buying experience Xterra !

      Leon D.

      Questionable Size

      I purchased the XXL due to waist size. Currently at a 54" waist. I an 5'10" and 270 lbs. After finding other reviews and reading the 30 day return policy, I pulled the trigger. The suit arrived quickly and I am please to say it fits. I am excited to get into the California waters. Wanted to post a review for anyone else who has questions about fit with a bigger than average body.

      Gayle S.

      First Use 11/03/2019 New England, Fishers Island Sound

      Xterra Vortex Fullsuit, Medium Large. Follow the Xterra sizing chart! I run 50K trail races. 60 yrs. old, 6' and 177 lbs. Inseam measured 30'' from crotch to ankle. 15" calves. (34"x34" pant size) 6" wrist at the joint. 40" to 41" chest with normal breathing. Suit fits, is warm and stretchy. Relatively easy to swim crawl and back strokes. Tiny amount of flushing. Tightening the velcro neck closure would probably stop this. Used with Lava socks and full SCUBA hood. Definitely warmer and easier to move in than my old Henderson 5 mil farmer johns and Oneal 3 mil full suit. I ran a 10:34 minute mile on the beach, in the wet suit, before going into the water. I put the suit on and take it off in the shower using hair conditioner as lube. Bottom half goes on relatively easy. There is plenty of leg length plenty of stretch for my calves and thighs. But, even with only 6" wrists, measured at the joint itself, and a 40/41" chest; the tophalf fits snug! It was really tough to get the zipper up by myself. So... If you have a developed upper body. Delts, lats, shoulders and pecs- A swimmer in other words. You may want to call or live-chat before ordering. Also. Long fingernails can tear the material as you pull it into place. Be careful of snags and such. Its great material for warmth and flexibility. I'm a happy customer. I'm impressed with the material's warmth and flexibility. I'm going to use the Vortex often.

      Steven B.

      Newbie to having a wet suit.

      Used it just once in the pool for a dozen quick laps just to check it out. Was fine in this test. First real use will be in a few months in the Mighty Montauk Triathlon, early June 2018. I expect it will be fine then, too! Was pretty snug but had no problems with it. Watching a few videos about how to put on a wetsuit helped a lot.