Wetsuit Repairs


Triathlon wetsuits are manufactured for a high level of speed and flexibility. They are a performance product and are not indestructible.


Stress tears or "Fingernail tears" may or may not be caused by direct contact with fingernails. Fingernail and other minor tears from sharp objects are not a manufacturing defect. Minor tears like this will not affect the performance or integrity of the wetsuit if it has been repaired correctly.

Tears like this can be minimized by always using the pads of your fingers to put on a suit. Suits most commonly tear when pulled taught over the tip of the finger. It is also important never to pinch small folds of the suit and pull. The combination of the pulling and pinching can also cause the suit to tear. Make sure to grab large folds of the suit when pulling.

The good news about these tears is you can easily repair them at home with a few drops of glue and about 5 minutes of your time.              




  1. Purchase/use standard wetsuit adhesive. You may purchase repair glue directly from XTERRA OUTLET at this link:https://xterraoutlet.com/collections/wetsuits-accessories/products/repair-glue-tube
  2. Lay the wetsuit on a flat surface.
  3. Gently pinch open the tear in the wetsuit to expose both surfaces. Apply a thick, equal layer of adhesive to both surfaces. Use less glue on either edge of the tear than you think to avoid the glue from seeping out onto the surface of the wetsuit.
  4. Position the tear so that it is flat (sitting naturally without any bumps or folds in the tear). Apply another thin layer of adhesive to the edges of the tear (or use the excess adhesive that seeps out of the tear once the flap is flat), and smooth the adhesive at the edge of tear with a paperclip or toothpick. Do not leave any adhesive on the surface of the suit; simply rub any excess adhesive off of the suit before it dries.
  5. Leave the wetsuit on a dry, flat surface for 24 hours to dry.

Note: Once dry, the repair can appear shiny and may have a raised area. This is normal, and will not affect the performance of your swim.


For all other repairs and customizations, you can contact a wetsuit repair company.

We have had success using JMJ based in California. (This company is not affiliated with XTERRA WETSUITS.)


JMJ Manufacture, Inc.

Phone: 310-212-3040


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