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    XTERRA Wetsuits strives to make your swim faster and more comfortable, and to offer you the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value. We've been doing this all over the world since 2001. We confidently stand by our claim of making the world's fastest wetsuit, and our sponsored athletes have the records to back it up: An XTERRA Wetsuit, worn by one of the world's elite triathletes, holds the world record for fastest swim while wearing a wetsuit.

    Our triathlon wetsuits were born in San Diego – the birthplace of triathlon. We begin by designing them with four key components in mind – comfort, speed, buoyancy and value. Then we test them ourselves, right here in Mission Bay, home of the first ever triathlon in 1974 – the XTERRA Wetsuits Mission Bay Triathlon. In addition, our owners are all triathletes and we understand our customers ‘ needs and desires when shopping for technical triathlon equipment.

    When you purchase a XTERRA Wetsuit, know this: you’re not getting it from the second or third company to own it after they’ve passed it along through multiple distribution channels. You’re getting it directly from us – that means much lower prices for higher performing triathlon wetsuits with quick, personalized, friendly, and excellent service.

    Core Values

    XTERRA Wetsuits are designed for triathletes by triathletes — each one of our owners is a triathlete.

    We are committed to bringing all triathletes the best performing triathlon wetsuits at the greatest value, combined with superior customer service. Our core values in business and sport motivate and drive us every day of the year to provide you with the best wetsuit in the industry.

    • We are triathletes who wear, use, and compete in the products we design and manufacture.
    • We stand behind every wetsuit purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Our unique business model allows you to deal directly with the manufacturer that designs and distributes the product, offering you the highest performing product at the best value.

    To read what others are saying about us, check out our triathlon wetsuit reviews at the bottom of each product page!

    Find the Right Suit For You

    Eco-Friendly Wetsuits

    We use Limestone instead of a petroleum-based product in the core neoprene rubber of our triathlon wetsuits. Petroleum is made from oil, which is messy and much harder to clean after a spill than limestone. Oil spills regularly destroy entire ecosystems. Limestone-based rubber is 95% water impermeable, compared to 70% of the petroleum-based standard, so it also creates a better product.

    The limestone in XTERRA Wetsuits actually came from rock originally situated (about 80 million years ago) in the present-day Hawaiian Islands - where the Kona Ironman World Championship is held every October!

    That’s why XTERRA Wetsuits are both fast and eco friendly. Go green!