Kraken Kickboard

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The Kraken swim kickboard provides support so you can focus on improving your lower body strength and kick technique. The kickboard will make you a better swimmer in that the buoyancy of the board keeps your upper body firm and elevated. The holes are at the front for easy grip while swimming.

Kickboards are used by swimmersto practice proper technique or improve kick endurance and speed. If you're just starting out on your swimming journey, start out by holding the board straight out in front of you, eyes in the water. This will help you to get comfortable and provide an opportunity to relax.

There's a common misconception that kickboards are only useful for teaching kids how to swim. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. Kickboard workouts actually help you target specific muscles during your workout.

Our training kick board improves your core, leg strength and kick technique.  Focus on body alignment and core stability.  Our kraken comfortably supports your arms, while keeping your upper body still.  The holes allow for different hand positions.

Storage and maintenance instructions: to ensure a longer life, rinse in clean, cold water and hang to dry naturally.  Do not leave exposed in direct sunlight.  Remember that chlorine is corrosive, so any chlorine left on your kick board will eventually eat at the board.

WARNING: this product will not protect against drowning.  It is not a life preserver or a safety device. Further, it is not a toy.  It's not intended for use in the ocean as a surfing device.

Size Guide