Kraken Pull Buoy

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The Kraken Pull Buoy promotes a streamlined body position while swimming.  The Kraken allows for or targeted upper body workouts and core training in the pool. Contoured with rounded edges for a comfortable fit.

The purpose of pull buoys is to create extra buoyancy for your hips, to bring your body position in line so you are more streamlined. This can help you to focus on the rest of your stroke, build core strength, slow down your stroke – and a whole host of other useful things to improve your overall swimming.

Pull buoys, when used correctly, can vastly improve your swim performance. 

Pull buoys are powerful swim tools, as they can make a big difference in how you move through the water. For those who tend to struggle to float effectively and keep their legs up at the surface, buoys can be wonderful. 

Using a pull buoy helps to isolate the arms. It puts you in a great environment for focusing on the upper body, which is particularly important in triathlon swimming as you’re trying to save your legs for later. 

Storage and maintenance instructions: to ensure a longer life, rinse in clean, cold water and hang to dry naturally.  Do not leave exposed in direct sunlight.  Remember that chlorine is corrosive, so any chlorine left on your kick board will eventually eat at the board.

WARNING: this product will not protect against drowning.  It is not a life preserver or a safety device. Further, it is not a toy.  It's not intended for use in the ocean as a surfing device.

100% EVA Foam.

Dimensions: 9" x 5" x 4" 

Size Guide