Pyramid Buoy Set

Size Guide

XTERRA WETSUITS Pyramid buoy is an easily inflatable buoy used to mark triathlon races, open water swims, and other water sports events. This buoy is easy to deflate and store when not in use. Constructed with high quality durable material while keeping it lightweight and easy to carry. Bright colors will help swimmers, athletes and marshals to see the buoy from a great distance. Stabilized with a 56 lb. weight.
Note: Leave your marks slightly under inflated to prevent rupturing as the air inside may expand on water. Damage may occur if improperly stored. Keep in dry, cool area.

Pyramid Buoy Set includes:
  • 2 yellow Pyramid buoys
  • 2 carrying bags for easy travel
  • 1 double action pump
  • 2 anchor ropes + carabiner – approx. 4.5 meters.
  • 4 silver D-rings on the bottom
  • V ≈ 104810.667 in.
  • Length of each side is 5'6"
Size Guide